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February 3, 2018 3:34 pm

What’s Hot, What’s Not!



What’s Hot, What’s Not will take the readers on a journey into the hottest and coldest places on earth to go vacation, and I’ll tell you what to pack! This unique vacation,  journeying to two of the hottest and two of the coldest locations on Earth is written for the truest adventurer! In addition to telling you a little about each locale, we’ll answer the burning question on your mind: what in the world should I pack?  Without further ado, let’s take a look at some extreme destinations.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Expats are making their home in this posh Middle Eastern city, where skyscrapers, dessert sands, and Persian Gulf beaches coincide.  During the hot summer months, temperatures average around 95 degrees, and people congregate indoors at museums and malls, or outside on the beach or pool.

Though not required, out of respect for the local conservative Muslim community, many tourists opt to cover their knees and shoulders.  If you’re planning to visit the Grand Mosque, the dress code is more restrictive, and can be viewed here.

Lightweight maxi dresses, jumpsuits, linen scarves to cover the shoulders, stylish sandals and straw totes will have you feeling fashion forward, yet appropriate.   Arabs are known to dress their best, and be in tune with trends.   For the upcoming springs season, trends include: mixed prints, urban 90’s, neon colors, utilitarian construction, and Japanese prints.


multicolor chevron maxi dress

Multicolor Chevron Maxi Dress



black linen jumpsuit

Black Linen Jumpsuit



hedgehog neck scarfhedgehog neck scarf

Hedgehog Print Scarf


Hedgehog Neck Scarf



Death Valley, California/ Nevada


Landscape photographers, national park fans and hikers flock to the hottest place on earth, Death Valley, every year from October- March.


This desert’s hot, arid landscape is unforgiving… hence the name.  Only a limited amount of plant and animal species can survive here.  Most travelers stay in Furnace Creek and explore popular sites like Ubehebe Crater, Racetrack Playa and the Mesquite Sand Dunes.  When venturing into the heat, we would recommend lightweight active wear, in materials that wick moisture away, and suppress odor.  For people who are sensitive to the sun, a brimmed hat, and UV protective pants/tops are necessary.  Coming prepared with lots of water and sunscreen will help you stay cool in this harsh climate.  Don’t forget a trendy one piece, and cover-up for the hotel pool!


woman in black bikini

Black String Bikini


stargazer black romper

Stargazer Black Romper



Now, let’s trek to where the sun sets in the afternoon!


Lapland, Finland

A trip to see the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi, Finland, is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.  Ride on a dog sled, unwind at Luvattumaa Spa, and if you have tots in tow, visit Santa Claus Village!


As many of the activities in Lapland take place outdoors, it’s necessary to have proper attire to protect against the elements.   A fur hooded parka, snow pants, snow boots, and two layers of wool socks will have you feeling warm and cozy.  Experts say that having an outer jacket (parka) and inner jacket (fleece) is recommended, and that keeping your feet warm is imperative; having freezing feet for hours is extremely uncomfortable.  Wearing a face mask (and of course, scarf and mittens) to see the stunning Aurora Borealis in the cold night air is recommended.


#1 Anorak Jacket

woman in anorak jacket


#2 Alpine Pants

alpine ski pants on woman

#3 Woolen Socks

woolen socks


Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks is known as America’s coldest city, and therefore it comes as no surprise that locals know how to prosper in negative degree weather.  Local attractions here include the Fairbanks Ice Museum, Running Reindeer Ranch, snowmobile tours and ice fishing.


To prepare for cold days of sightseeing, it is important to dress in layers, and ensure very little skin is exposed.  Uniqlo makes excellent heat tech leggings and turtlenecks which provide a first layer; building on that, having fleece or corduroys pants and a warm shirt and sweater under your parka is essential.  Throw on a pom-pom hat for some artic style!


Polyester, wool, and fleece are good fabrics for insulating outdoors, while cotton is better for when you’ll be indoors.  That concludes our first post- go forward prepared for any temperature 2018 throws at you!  Cheers.


Uniqlo heat tech #13

under tops



Jeter sweater

jeter sweater



Pom-pom hat

pom pom hat




black snow boots


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