Deanna Adelle

January 18, 2018, 11:25 pm

 The Best Bang for Your Buck: Where You Can Rent for $1000 per Month



We searched the top three cities to find out how much space you could get for just $1,000 per month. Did we want to know which cities have the best amenities for the least amount of money? Yes! We looked at 3 popular cities to see what you can get for $1000 a month if you choose to live alone. In my experience, the frustrations of apartment hunting far outweigh the joys of it. Doesn’t it always seem like everything decent is way out of your budget?

Chances are, you may be setting your expectations too high for the area you’re moving to. For most entry-level jobs, your starting salary may be around $40,000 a year. That means you really won’t have more than $1000 per month to spend on rent, even if you eat ramen three times a week and have four roommates.

Here’s what $1000 in rent will afford a first-time renter in three major U.S. cities:


Upper West Side New York City, New York:

372 W 71st St Unit 3B5

Studio Apartment / 150 square feet / $900 per month




Yes, that is all of it. The third picture of this apartment was a close up of the thermostat because there were no other features to photograph.

Actually, you’ll be lucky if you can find literally anything to rent under $1000 per month in the heart of Manhattan. Renters beware! Apartment hunting in the Upper West Side of New York just might bring back freshman year dorm room flashbacks.

The kitchen features a cabinet, a small mini fridge, and a cooktop (microwave not included), but you won’t find a bathroom.  The bathrooms are communally shared among the tenants on the floor.

The good news? You can bring your pet with you, there is laundry in the building, and there is a part-time doorman. You’re also living in NYC, which isn’t too shabby.



Downtown Dallas, Texas:

1623 Main Street

1 Bed 1 Bath Apartment / 989 square feet / $1036 per month






I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” When it comes to downtown apartments, that’s actually true.

The historic Wilson building, in the heart of Dallas, has spectacular rooftop views and a spacious floor plan, all for just a little over $1000 per month. You’ll gain access to everything with amenities that range from a theater room to a fitness center, which is exclusive to all residents and their guests.

The apartments featuring original wood flooring and doors from the Wilson era were built in 1904. Obviously, it’s been renovated since then, but it still retains its original charm.

Don’t worry about it not accepting pets; your furry friends are more than welcome to move in too.


Northwest District Portland, Oregon

2151 NW Johnson St

Studio Apartment / 480 square feet / $995 per month





Portland is one of those up and coming areas that are surprisingly expensive to live in. You’ll see artisan cafes and vintage bookstores on every block, but affordable housing? Not so much! Finding a bargain takes dedication.

Minutes from the Pearl district and downtown you’ll find the charming Northwest district, which has many studios and one-bedroom apartments ready to move into. This area is ideal for walking and is a haven for artistic souls.

Though not nearly as spacious as the downtown Dallas apartments we found, a young professional will have more than enough space to live in 480 square feet. Okay, maybe not more than enough, but just enough is fine for our purposes.

Sadly, only cats are allowed in these units (and most units nearby.) Dog lovers will need to look elsewhere for an affordable place to stay.

No matter where you decide to start your career, you’ll be able to find an apartment in your price range (especially if you decide to live with a roommate).


Are you currently renting an entry-level salary? Let us know what your $1000 per month apartment looks like below.









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