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Summer 2019 Fashion Trends to Try

June 23, 2019 8:00 p.m.

By Mallory Sills

New season = new fashion trends! It’s one of the exciting aspects of the fashion industry, that it’s always changing and evolving throughout the year. As we get into the midst of the summer season, most of us are feeling an urge to adapt one or two of the latest fashion trends into our own wardrobes. Before we dive into the trends, understand that you don’t have to include all of the latest fashion trends of the summer (or any season) into your wardrobe. The great thing about fashion is you can make it your own (and you should!) so if you’re drawn to one or two trends that are “in” this season have fun with them in your wardrobe! But if there are trends you’re really not into that’s ok too.

To give you some style inspiration for your wardrobe to welcome summer in style, we’re sharing a few of our favorite and most wearable fashion trends of the summer season.

Hair Accessories

One trend we haven’t seen much of in the past couple of years but it’s EVERYWHERE this year. Hair accessories ranging from trendy headbands to hair clips and more are such a fun and easy way to spice up your look. Not to mention, during those warm summer days when you want your hair pulled back stylishly hair accessories are the perfect go-to. Even if you’re not a pro at styling your hair you can rock this trend.


woman with yello

Photo by Two Dreamers


Bike Shorts

The 90’s are back and better than ever, if you ask us. There’s been quite a bit of 90’s influence in fashion over the past year or so and the reintroduction of bike shorts continues that influence in a major way. If this is a trend you’re thinking about trying we suggest opting for bike shorts in a neutral color like black to ease into the trend and make it much easier to wear in your daily life. Add a ‘grown up’ vibe to the biker shorts by styling them with a blazer for a boss babe twist. If you’re not into the blazer addition you can keep it easy with an athleisure aesthetic and style them with a t-shirt or tank and sneakers.


Neon Colors

We don’t know about you but we’re all about the neon color trend, especially for the summer season. There’s something about wearing bright colors during the warm weather months that just makes sense. Not to mention, neon is just a fun color scheme to wear because it’s so bright. If the thought of wearing an all neon outfit isn’t really your style, try adding some neon heels or a handbag to your wardrobe. It’s the perfect way to embrace the trend in a small dose and in a way that you can wear it regularly without going full highlighter mode.


Photograph by Pedro Sandrini

Detailed Sleeves

There are quite a few different sleeve specific trends that are big this year. In essence, it’s all about the detailed sleeve. Whether you go with an off-the-shoulder sleeve, puff sleeve, or asymmetrical sleeve look you’re going to be on trend. Try different sleeve styles to find the look you like the most for your personal style. Since we don’t need to wear as many layers during the summer months detailed sleeves adds style to your outfit without the added layering.


woman in yellow top

Photo by Asa Duger


Mini Handbags

Many of us have gotten into the habit of using huge handbags so the 180 shift in fashion over to mini bags is a fresh take. Who wants to carry around a giant bag all day everyday anyways? If you’ve been using larger handbags and want to try the minimal approach this may be a trend to try. Mini bags are trending in a range of handbag styles from belt bags to crossbody bags and more. It’s really about finding the handbag style you like most. Our tip is to stick with a bag you can at least fit your phone in so it’s not TOO mini for your lifestyle.


red purse

Photo by Artem Beliaikin


Which one of these fashion trends is your favorite? Tell us which one(s) you’re going to incorporate into your wardrobe this summer season!

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