Deanna Adelle

January 28, 2018 4:24 pm


Self-Care Spa Services




Self-care seems to be the buzzy new wellness phrase that’s here to stay.  However, when you’re a busy woman on the run, it can be difficult to schedule some “me time.”  Luckily, millennials are now starting to embrace wellbeing more than previous generations.  This has led to spas offering a greater variety of services, focusing on both physical and mental wellness, including alternative medicine.  Some spas are even increasing their hours and offering 24-hour services.  Let’s take a look at some of the new trends in Spa services for 2018, concentrating on healing stress and anxiety, and promoting general wellness.


  1. Stress and Anxiety:


Esoteric Healing, better known as Reiki

Stress and anxiety are disrupting our lives more than ever before; work and social pressures combined with social media information overflow wreak havoc on our lives.  When you opt for this Japanese based healing method at a spa, a reiki master will cleanse the chakras to restore energy and balance both physically and mentally.  The practitioner will place hands on the clothed body, allowing energy to flow freely.



Besides healing stress, acupuncture helps with sleep, nausea and body pain.  This is a sought-after treatment for overscheduled people and travelers who want to unwind using an ancient technique.  Lay back and relax, while a practitioner applies needles to targeted areas.  This form of healing is extremely personal; the practitioner will ask where you are experiencing pain, and will target the area with care.


Sensory Deprivation Tank


woman floating in liquid

“Float” spas have recently become popular as a way to disconnect from the outside world, reconnect with creativity, and feel generally soothed in a womb-like state.  Studies have found that floating can reduce anxiety, PTSD, and improve sleep habits.


During your session, Epsom salt is added to a very warm shallow tank, and you’re invited to float for an hour or more.  Though physical benefits include softer skin and muscle pain relief, this treatment is typically sought after to spiritually and mentally cleanse the mind.



  1. General Wellness:


Infrared Sauna


woman in sauna

On a nature and wellness themed bachelorette party last summer, our group had the pleasure of lounging in a wood burning sauna, and then jumping into a cold pond.  I could feel city toxins pouring out of my body while I sat in the sauna – the experience was hot and heavenly.


Aptly named “sweat lodges” are popping up in urban areas, and their benefits seem to be endless.  The latest sauna fad (seen on many social feeds) is called an infrared light sauna.  Heaters release light waves that heat the body, instead of the air, allowing one to stay longer, and sweat more.  These bright boxes are known to help you slim down, smooth out your complexion, and detox physically.




woman in thermal bath



The use of hot water, and the alternation of hot and cold water is known to heal injuries, reduce inflammation, and generally soothe the body and soul.  Of course, we’ve known about the benefits of hydrotherapy since ancient Rome.  Spas are now offering a variety of ways to indulge the mermaid within: plunge pools, “experience” showers, and thermal baths are all wonderful ways to heal.


Thermal water circuits in swimming pools, basins, and whirlpools are targeted for general body massage and lymphatic stimulation, while cold pools initiate proper body circulation.  Rotating between hot and cold water can help to repair injuries and ease inflammation.  Experience showers provide calming music, aromas, and lighting with different types of precipitation (mist, monsoon, waterfall).

Whatever method one takes to alleviate stress, the key is to pick the method that works with each individual and commit to scheduling time to enjoy it.  We only have one body and we need to keep it working at optimum capacity.



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