Milan Fashion Week

This Milan Fashion Week comedic video demonstrates quality and excellence, using a Multi-Purpose Responsive & Retina Display.  Brought to you by Kenzo, Paris, follow Abby as she makes her way through the snares of landing a modeling job, all the while being smothered by a newly “appointed” mom who personifies the hovering stage mother.  Abby must choose between her stage mother and her real one when her own mother comes for a visit.  Does she pick a side, or let the chips fall? Is she the realist real? This Milan Fashion week is one with a twist!

We hope that you enjoy the rich color, detailed styling, and use of depth in this Vimeo production. For more, visit Vimeo for your video needs.

Kenzo The Realest Real



Directed by Carrie Brownstein
Director of photography: Shawn Kim

Kinou / Cinematographer Agency

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