Mastering Fashion Design

June 10, 2019 12:30 p.m.

By Darryl Ann Wright

Mastering fashion design is no easy feat as many can attest. For one person, Kayla Kendrick, it has been a five-year labor of love! As a design student for the University of Cincinnati, DAAP Program, students enter in with the expectation of completing a BS in Design within a rigorous, thirteen semesters of coursework geared towards learning design theory, foundations of 2 and 3D design, drawing, pattern making, and beginning to advanced sewing. Fashion electives are offered within each semester that emphasizes tailoring and draping, knitwear on industrial machines, as well as participation in collaborative studios to produce products for businesses.

As a design student, mastering fashion design, Kayla was tasked with creating a wealth of designs that would demonstrate her understanding of the concepts taught, and the overall meaning within fashion trends on a global scale. Taking no time off, not even during the summer, Kayla was able to finish and graduate this past May! Listen to our recent interview and find out what it took for her to complete one of the most challenging, and top-rated design schools in the country!

Kayla Kendrick


As a Capstone project that culminates from all coursework attempted in the DAAP program, students are required to create a full collection.  Take a look at Kayla’s Capstone photo shoot here!


Click on the link provided to see her collection!

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