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February 5, 2018, 3:03 pm

Loving-Kindness, A Poetic Reflection




loving kindness

Loving-Kindness, a Poetic Reflection was one that I, Dr. Edward L. Wright was inspired to write in two insightful poetic works: “Anthology of a Spiritual Mind,” (2012), and “Spiritual Reflections of a Poetic Mind,” (2017). Both writings reflect the importance of relying on God, for His infinite wisdom; and being thankful for everything. My writings are reflective of my passion, thankfulness, and humility. Additionally, I want readers to look “inwardly” at themselves in their spiritual journey to see whether they emulate Christ.

For the past ten years, I’ve pretty much focused poetic writings from reading God’s inspired Word, and through His Holy Spirit. Earlier in my life, I was familiar with God’s Word; however, I wasn’t totally surrendering my life over to Him.

During my early years, life had been less complicated. I presumed, through my own “naivety,” that I achieved many personal goals on my own.  I had more “good” things happen than “bad” ones. Little did I know that God was “ordering my steps.”

After several years transpired, along with a better relationship with the Lord, I began to reflect on my own mortality and the importance of leaving a “Godly” legacy for others to follow. Spending a lot of time alone provided an opportunity for me to reflect on many things.  First, I knew that I had to devote myself to daily bible study. Secondly, I prayed that God would change me to become a better man and Christian. Thirdly, I was compelled to confer with those who I had hurt. I asked for their forgiveness. Fourthly, make a commitment of devoted time for meditation and prayer. Lastly, to strive each day to share the “glorious news,” in hopes that others will be more cognizant of their need for Him.




Lord, I’m unworthy of your loving kindness and the faithfulness you have shown.

Your strength and wisdom constantly guides me, for I never

walk alone.

In the midst of my trials, you gently hold my hand.

Rescuing me from dangers upon your every sovereign command.

Lord, you’ve always been patient, merciful, and kind.

Despite all my inadequacies, your abundant love isn’t hard to find.

Continue to shape and mold me into a fruitful vessel.

Give me wisdom, strength, and courage, where I won’t have to wrestle.

Give me the discernment to go out among the masses to evangelize your Word.

By sharing with everyone what I’ve seen and heard.

Give me the strength to walk obediently on the precepts of what you’ve taught.

Guiding me ever steadily without a second thought.

Help me to leave a testimony of what you did for me.

So others will know how encouraged they can be.”


Just like fish require water for survival, we need God, for sustenance, wisdom, protection, and blessings. As we trek through this “fallen” world, we’re “spiritually ignorant,” if we think, we can maneuver without Him. His grace and mercy allow me to be humble and thankful, in all circumstances. I realize, I had to go through much loss, humility, and loneliness, in order to be cognizant of my own vulnerabilities, and need for Him. I’ve seen the many blessings that He’s bestowed, and I’m a living testimony of what He can do.


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