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Cork: Sustainable, Vegan Friendly Handbags

June 4, 2018 4:44 p.m.

By:  Mallory Sills


Cork, sustainable, vegan friendly handbags are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Not only are they functional in helping us carry our essentials, but they’re also a great accessory! There’s something about a great handbag that can elevate any outfit instantly. Of course, just like any other garment type handbag trends evolve and change with the seasons. Recently, cork handbags have been making a statement on the scene. Cork handbags aren’t just a fun new trend, but they’re also making waves as a sustainable vegan friendly material. Two birds, one stone (or should I say bag)!

The fashion industry hasn’t always been known for sustainability, and use of vegan friendly materials…until recently. Now that there’s more awareness of the materials used in clothes, including handbags, many designers and brands are making a conscious effort to use sustainable options instead. Whether you live a vegan lifestyle, or you want to feel the added bonus of using a sustainable handbag cork bags are the perfect solution for you.

cork handbag


Cork is a material made from trees…more specifically the bark of trees. You may be wondering HOW exactly it’s sustainable. Well, the bark of trees grows back even after it’s removed which is why cork has grown to become known as such a sustainable product to use for garments says the Cork Forest Conservative Alliance. Talk about eco-friendly, right? The good news is that cork isn’t just vegan and sustainable, it’s also an incredibly durable material making it perfect for handbags. Yes this means your cork handbags aren’t just going to look great but they’re also going to handle wear and tear effectively so your bag will STAY looking great.

cork handbags


Now that we’ve established just how incredible cork is for the environment, let’s chat a bit about how stylish it is! Because cork is a neutral color, handbags made from the material are perfect for versatility. Black and dark brown are go-to neutral color handbags, but because cork is often found in a light tan-like color it gives you the option to wear it with virtually anything. Furthermore, cork is the perfect type of handbag for spring and summer because of the lighter color and feel it provides. Of course it’s an added bonus that they’re on trend this season!

It’s no wonder cork is growing in popularity among the fashion industry. Stylish, functional AND sustainable – does it get much better?


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